Sunday, September 23, 2012

Please! Stop with the Pictures!

Jon: "At the DC VegFest today, I met Amanda. She got an old-school black and white Why Vegan? at her high school in FL eleven years ago and went vegan as a result. Her mom and brother followed suit. She stopped by the Vegan Outreach table to remind me that our work is having an impact. Go, Amanda, and go, us!"

John, concluding his report from Montata State University, Billings: "Finally, in this whirwind of great conversations, I met Justin, who walked up to me and stated "I got the result I think you wanted me to get. I think I'm gonna give the vegetarian thing a try." He told me how saddening it was to read about how animals are treated so I gave him a Guide and snapped a pic of him with it. The most productive 15 minutes I've had in a while."

And David sent us this message: "Attached is a pic of a guy from Singapore who has been vegan for 3 weeks and—get this—GOT A CC IN SINGAPORE!"