Sunday, October 28, 2012

Interview, Imperfect

John with Sigrid and Sheila at Vancouver Island U.
Animal Voices' interview with John Oberg (from 12:55 to 23:19).

And an old article that has come up in some recent discussions about how pure a product or company has to be: Advocacy in an Imperfect World. Excerpt:

Given the reality of our world – the widespread injustices and the tremendous demands on our very limited time and resources – nearly every choice we face offers us imperfect options....

As much as we’d like to believe that everyone should pay any price and go to any length to be vegetarian, we realize that cost and convenience are determining factors for many, if not most people. As more people become vegetarian, more large corporations will market meat-free products – it is the nature of a capitalist economy. This doesn’t mean that current vegans need to change where they shop, what they buy or the other campaigns they support, but we do need to recognize that, in this imperfect world, it is, overall, a good thing for the animals that big corporations embrace and expand the burgeoning vegetarian market....