Monday, October 29, 2012

John O in Portlandia

Today at Portland State was one of my absolute favorite days of outreach on my tour this semester. I literally met over 60 different people that told me they were vegetarian/vegan. Over 1,600 minds that are likely already progressive were given the opportunity to open up their hearts to the suffering of farmed animals.

A few interactions stand out: One male student told me, "It freaked me the f*** out. Really woke me up." I had a nice, quick convo with him, encouraging him that he can make a difference. Another told me, "Those are some scary pictures, man. That's really messed up." One more told me, "I fully endorse your efforts," and many said things like, "That stuff's terrible," or "Thank you for being out here."

I handed Abdul (above) a booklet, then continued leafleting. 20-30 minutes later, he started walking towards me, fairly slowly, and uttered the words, "I cannot believe this is happening" in a serious tone, almost as if he was in shock. He said how it's so unfair how we treat these animals and seemed so sincere that I thought he might be teary-eyed. I had ran out of Guides so was bummed I couldn't give him one. Fortunately I had to run back to my car, so I grabbed some more, hoping to see him again. Almost at the moment I was wrapping up, I saw Abdul walk out of the building and start walking the other direction. I got his attention and handed him a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating. I snapped a pic of him with it and he told me that the Guide will be "very useful" and was so thankful to get it. Glad to have been able to make this impact!