Monday, October 1, 2012

Nikki and Kassy

Phenomenal” intern Kassy reaches out at UC Irvine.
Nikki reports from Riverside Community College:
“Heard from tons of sympathetic peeps, including a girl on the verge of tears. She's diving into vegan -- no stops.

“Kassy rocked the Free Speech area like a champ, even when In-N-Out Burger parked next to her to give away free food (do we detect some desperation amongst the fast foodies? Apparently :)). She found they made leafleting easier cuz they slowed foot traffic.

“She held down the fort while I motored to the Moreno Valley campus for one class change. In that short time, three separate young ladies heart-brokenly vowed to adjust their choices cuz of the maximum suckiness that is concentration camp animal ag.

“On and up!”