Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Animals, First and Foremost

A new member recently ordered a batch of booklets to distribute in her area. We asked if she had read this article by Nick Cooney about booklet titles and effective outreach. She changed her order and sent these comments:

I owe you many thanks for linking me to Nick Cooney's article on your website. The points he makes are compelling, and, ironically, they hit on something that's been troubling me more and more lately in my animal advocacy efforts--namely, the obvious aversion that so many people have to becoming more fully informed about the facts of farmed-animal suffering and how they can help stop it. Quite a few of the folks I approach when I'm out leafleting seem to have a vague notion that farmed-animal suffering exists, but they blind themselves to its details and images, for exactly the reasons Nick Cooney describes.

I feel strongly that people who care about animals should be vegan, and I have--at least until now--felt that the Why Vegan booklet promotes a vegan (as opposed to just vegetarian) message effectively. That said, Nick Cooney's article makes great sense to me, and also brings clarity to my increasing worries, of late, about people turning away from this cause in spite of sensing its importance. Thank you for guiding me to it. I'll look forward to more leafleting this fall and winter. I'll keep reading the VO website, too--both for instruction and inspiration!


Thanks again to Nick for his research and article.