Friday, November 30, 2012

From the Northwest

Now wants to go veg after being given a leaflet at Central Oregon Community College.
One day in Boise, by John Oberg:

Boise State turned out to be one of the most receptive, interested, and polite crowds I've experienced on the tour. Right as I got there, between 7:40 am and 8:00 am, I literally had three different people say encouraging things like, "It's great that you're doing this," "Thanks for handing those out. That's really cool," and "Glad you're doing this -- awesome!" Throughout the day I heard more, including "Keep fighting the good fight," and "Keep doing what you're doing, man!" Met a large handful of vegans and even more vegetarians.

A few interactions stand out in my mind. A male student walked by and told me, "Yeah, I got one. I'm probably gonna stop eating meat now." I stopped him from walking away and just gave him a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating real quickly. He was thankful and walked on. Another female student said, "Yeahhh, you gave me one earlier. It made me so sad. It might've worked." I handed her a GCFE and her friend walking beside her seemed very intrigued. Another female student said that she previously liked to call herself an "accidental vegetarian" but after reading the booklet I had handed her, she might have to start calling herself a "purposeful" one. Also, Guided a group of four students and one (who'd been leafleted earlier), pointed to the booklet in his friend's hands and said "Check out those chickens, man! That's inhumane!"

Stand out interaction: I handed Kristen (above) a booklet earlier in the day and at around 2:30 she came up to me and said "I think I'm going to become a vegetarian now. I feel so bad for the pig [and she pointed to the sow on the front cover of the EI]" I gave her a GCFE and some words of encouragement and she went on her way!

Tommasina Miller at Portland Community College
Susan Collart at the University of Victoria.
Biker stopped in tracks to read booklet.