Friday, November 2, 2012

From Recent Online Guide Requests (and bonus)

Your donations paying off:

A student handed me a booklet today, and after looking at it, I couldn't ignore how I felt about the cruelty animals suffer in order for humans to 'enjoy' meat. I sat down at my computer and followed the link on the back of the booklet, and ended up here.
-JR, 10/18, BC

At the Vans Warped Tour in Pomona back in June. Haven't eaten meat since.
-GA, 10/18, CA

I received a booklet many years ago from a band called Swallowed Up (many of the members now playing in a band called Host, I believe). I didn't actually look into veg*nism until about last year. A friend of mine just posted the same magazine, I recognized it and asked where he got it, and he directed me to this website!
-PL, 10/18, FL

I was given a booklet by a kind gentlemen on my way to class at the college -- I almost cried.
-YB, 10/16, FL

I received a packet from my boyfriend. He knows I am very passionate about animals and he showed me the brochure. I have now decided to go vegetarian. Thank you so much!
-KL, 10/24, MN

I just received a booklet while walking out of my college's cafeteria and I've been interested in becoming a vegetarian for a while now :-)
-JK, 10/17, NY

Came across your info in the Compassionate Choices booklet. I'm already a vegetarian, but after reading through the guide I wonder if I should give up milk and eggs as well.
-SN, 10/21, TX

I've attended the Taking Action for Animals Conference in Washington DC. I brought home a couple of Vegan Outreach booklets and shared them with my family. We have gone vegan since and feel so much better.
-AL, 10/18, NY

Thanks for the pictures, Mikael!