Sunday, November 18, 2012

John at Colorado State

Jennie Maydew, head of CSU's student group, ROAR.
Dave Bell
What a day! Dave (above) and I left the house at 7:15 am and enjoyed some nice 14 degree weather to start the day out strong (below). Our fingers may have been numb, but we busted out a few booklets into the hands of many a student [Over 2,700].

Dave is great, a natural leafleter. While I had to warm up my hands inside a couple times after the first couple class changes, he toughed it out like the beast that he is. This student body definitely had the attitude of an often-leafleted bunch, with the automatic wall going up, but many took a booklet anxiously when they heard the words "help animals." One female student told me the booklet made her cry.

Right as Dave and I were gathering our things to go, two female ag students engaged in conversation with us. They had the typical ag comments and we had a good, if somewhat hostile, conversation. It was nice when a Pakistani philosophy student named Danny (above) jumped in and threw out his thoughts, agreeing with me for the most part. The conversation splintered off and Dave took over with the aggies while Danny and I had a great conversation. He told me how he went over some of this stuff in his philosophy class a few semesters ago but didn't think he'd be thinking about this today. He was very keen on the idea of going vegan over time, happy to have a few simple questions answered, and looking forward to going vegetarian shortly and thanked me a couple times for the Guide to Cruelty-free Eating. I think we really inspired him!