Thursday, November 8, 2012

Leafleting with All-Stars

More payoff from your generous donations!


What a wonderful day! It was so great to join forces with the legends that are Cobie and Nettie (pictured). They've been just tattooing Oregon with VO booklets for some time now and it is be paying off! We all heard from a number of veg folks and one vegan in particular said she was so happy to see us out there on campus. Cobie mentioned a student saying that he looked it over, liked it, and might give it a try (so she Guided him)! Nettie had some great convos as well.

Oregon State is an ag school and I definitely felt the presence today, compared to my recent outreach in Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland. Good outreach still, and had a great 10-15 minute conversation with an ag student named Hannah. One of those conversations that feel pretty rewarding afterwards, knowing that in a small amount of time you really turned around this person's perception of not only how animal activists are as people, but how our beliefs are not nearly as extreme as they may think they are.

We reached a ton of new folks between the three of us -- gave a booklet to over 2,600 students! Nettie set her own personal record! Cobie did wonderful as well -- and after a long day of leafleting, she drove to Western Oregon U to leaflet -- what a warrior! It was such a treat to do outreach with some of the most dedicated and kindest volunteers/supporters Vegan Outreach has.

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