Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunny Nevada

Brian Grupe leaves the Bay Area:

Absolutely massive day at the University of Nevada, Reno, thanks to all the great volunteers that came to help out! Susan (above, with a sun-kissed handoff), Aquila, Lari, Anita, and I reached 2,240 students, breaking the old record of 1,950. Susan is my gracious host and awesome Vegan Outreach supporter. She made her leafleting debut today, and I was really impressed with how quickly she took to it. Anita helped out last semester, and she and I have been in touch since then, as she is largely in charge of the local vegan group and has used our literature at events. She coordinated today’s leafleting and created an event for it that brought in Lari and Aquila, awesome!

Aquila is very familiar with promotion and working with the public and was great to have on board. Lari moved around to some of the smaller spots that weren’t being hit. I stuck around for two extra class changes, but the place was pretty much saturated at that point -- always a great problem to have :-)

Brian, Susan, and Aquila enjoying the record day!