Friday, November 9, 2012

We Get Letters

Learning the truth at Utah State.

Dear Vegan Outreach Team,
     THANK YOU for being the way you are. I am new to the vegan lifestyle. Initially I had started looking into vegetarianism but my research made me realize that if you go vegetarian for ethical (and other) reasons, going vegan is the logical choice. I have equipped myself with facts and found encouragement and so far it has not really been as hard as I had expected.
     I have had a look at a variety of websites advocating veganism but they often came across as somewhat self-righteous and pushy. Thank you for being different. Your factual approach, leaving each and everybody to make their own decision in the end, and your openness to welcome a variety of opinions on how to lead a cruelty-reduced (I wish I could say free) life without evading the truth that with respect to some areas there just is not room for compromise, has encouraged me endlessly.
     Other vegan sites I have studied are quick at finger-pointing, while what I got from your site was also a display of the ability to question your OWN behavior as vegans in an animal-exploiting world. In the end, the complete lack of self-righteousness, the ability to develop new ideas within the framework of ethical behavior and the great and clear collection of facts is why Vegan Outreach has helped me become vegan more than any other resource I turned to. After all ... veganism, to me, is a kind way of living, but sadly, many organizations seem to forget that kindness to those curious in veganism will probably win more people over than harsh judgement and a Holier Than Thou attitude.
     Thank you so much for everything.

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