Monday, December 10, 2012

All That Matters: Results!

There have been many reports published this year showing the increase in ethical eating (e.g., Meat substitute market beefs up; More vegans, vegetarians fuel meatless market. More and more chains have meat-free offerings; even Fatburger now offers a veggieburger!). Some within the meat industry are calling for them to get with the program. Our long-time friend (and donor) Paul notes that even with their huge government subsidies (no free market here!) and declining demand, prices for animal flesh are still set to increase in 2013.

All this feeds the bottom line. Not the glorification of a certain diet or anything to make some people feel better about themselves -- but fewer animals suffering on factory farms and dying in slaughterhouses.

This is why people give to Vegan Outreach, and why people leaflet with VO booklets -- less suffering. Reducing suffering as much as we can as quickly as we can. Period.

And as our good friend Harish has documented, the consumption of and demand for animal flesh has been in decline (starting when VO's distribution first hit a million booklets in 2006).

Now, we know there will be investigations revealing atrocities as long as animals are viewed as food. This is why we must do the necessary grassroots work to change this view -- to get people to make different choices.

Yes, this work isn't high profile or seemingly as compelling as short-term media-friendly individual campaigns.

But if we want a truly different world -- not just one where we sometimes see how bad things are -- this large-scale person-to-person outreach is absolutely necessary.

In the graph above, we see the shape of how this world can come about. If you want to pull those arcs down more, please give today to this necessary and efficient work -- and please ask others to be a part of it as well. Your contributions will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar, by your fellow members who also want a truly different world.

Thanks so much!