Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back in Pittsburgh

Vic reports from Pittsburgh:

Absolute ideal demographic at Art Institute of Pittsburgh, so massive impact that transcends numbers. Saw tons of folks reading engrossed and discussing w friends. One woman said she didn't think she could ever eat meat again (above). She got a Guide.

Another woman wanted to help leaflet in the future (above).

Gianina (above) and I reached over 1,600 students at Carnegie Mellon. One student told us he got a veggie burger for lunch because of the booklet (below). Another said they were very disturbed by the treatment of animals and wanted to help; he got a Guide. Several expressed support for our cause and thanked us for leafletting. Heard others discuss w/ friends.

Woman at the Community College of Allegheny County now wants to go veg. 

This U Pitt student came back to get more booklets to give to friends.
Another Art Institute student moved to take action.