Sunday, December 30, 2012

Before the Deadline, Please Invest for Maximum Results

Photo: MFA, Canada.
Vegan Outreach has always had a single focus:
Saving as many animals as possible from the horrors of modern agribusiness.

Meggie Townsend provides the animals a voice.
After 19 million booklets later, Vegan Outreach activists are still out there, every day, directly reaching more new people with detailed, documented booklets – booklets that have been shown, day after day, to be effective and efficient at creating real change.

Amy, another new vegetarian because of you!
You know Vegan Outreach is entirely focused on giving you the biggest bang for the buck.

You know -- from the feedback, surveys, and USDA counts -- what your donations have accomplished.

You know where your contributions will go, and as the graph below shows, you make a real, measurable difference.

Our work together is necessary for creating a fundamentally better world for all!

You can be a part of expanding this work – right now!

Today, please invest in creating maximum change and make a secure, fully tax-deductible contribution online at

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Together, we’ll continue to get real results, every day!