Friday, December 7, 2012

Breaking Through the Contentment of Ignorance

While leafleting at Arizona State, John had a brief conversation with a woman doing research on the connection between violence to animals and later violence to humans. John gave her his card, and within the hour, received this email:

I read all the booklets you gave me. I am overwhelmed! I have been so consumed in my research with intended cruelty inflicted to animals and the link to later violence that I completely overlooked the animals that suffer agriculturally. The statistic you presented is overwhelming that 99% of animals that are raised are killed for food.

I had been so content in my ignorance (until I educated myself) and am so pleased with the kind of work your organization is doing. I will definitely make a change, and encourage all those close to me to do the same.
Tom Linney leaflets at El Paso Community College

Being able to spread the word is such a great way to ignite compassion. Additionally, If I can be of any assistance on any level, please let me know. I am a semester away from graduating, and intend to dedicate my life to making a difference for the animals.

Thank you for both the inspiration and knowledge,


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