Tuesday, December 25, 2012

For the Love of Love – Nikki Benoit

Fall 2012 - a time for change and mounting evidence of progress! Taking the truth to the streets can be a mixed bag, but I can say - without pause - that our society's shift toward justice is palpable. People are ripe for the truth! In my short 4 years of regular outreach (half of which as a full-time leafleter), this past 6 months proved how much awareness is growing among the masses. People care about animal suffering - and they no likey that it's happening. The chapter on insanity is coming to a close. B'bye, crazy days.

Southern California's outreach kicked-off this Fall with our first ever intern: Kassy Ortega. Kassy brought vibrant, new, enthusiastic energy to the turf. She's fearless and dedicated - taking all new challenges with doe-eyed optimism for the opportunities that lie ahead - like hopping out of my stopped car to leaflet other cars stuck in construction traffic (above) - that's how she rolls. We stormed our region, breaking records and making new friends at every campus in our path. Her positive outlook was never dampened, even with classic LA traffic (best button-pusher this side of the Mississippi). I can recall numerous instances where students received a booklet from her, felt compelled to act so they stopped to help!

Twenty-seven volunteers joined us (half were repeat helpers!) to promote compassion throughout this entire semester. All total, 96,458 southern Californians were directly infused with tools for transformation at 85 different colleges and high schools! Many of these helpers were on-the-spot converts, like Amir from Irvine Valley College. This kat (right) comes back to me with the booklet saying, "What do I do to help?" I say, "Help me leaflet." He says, "OK. What else?" I say, "Stop eating the animals and their parts." "Of course, that's done as of the second I glanced through that booklet. This is disgusting. And horrible." And he was a natural leafleter!

As the veil continues to lift, Kassy got a fist-bump and rabid "Thank You!!" at MiraCosta College from an older woman who needed this push-by-leaflet for her veg transition. Thanks to us being there, she got the motivation (and our Guide to Cruelty Free Eating) she needed!  THEN we met a woman - Krista (above) - who'd strayed from her former veg life but - because of seeing a booklet in the library - is back on track!

Fili, another of the many leafletees who joined
Nikki and Kassy to leaflet!
Working at the scale of the problem, and with the real-time urgency it needs, requires this on-the-ground outreach YOU support. Whether it's pounding out booklets, contributing to the creation and distribution of said booklets, providing support for those who tour the lands directly - EVERYTHING we do depends on you. By supporting our efforts, we can push forward and help ensure this chapter on insanity sees its final days. From now until December 31st, all donations - large and sub-large - will be doubled!

For the animals, for the planet, for limitless compassion - THANK YOU for choosing to live on purpose and for supporting our work.

For the love of love,
On and up!
Nikki Benoit 
Southern California Outreach Coordinator
Vegan Outreach