Monday, December 3, 2012

Mr. 400,000

Brian Grupe, VO's Northern California Coordinator, has now reached over 400,000 people with a Vegan Outreach booklet! And more than his own numbers are all the people he's inspired to get involved!

Here are a few recent pictures and a report from him:

Kitty Jones with a happy recipient at UC Davis.
Aquila Nelson at the University of Nevada.
Meg O'Neil at Sacramento State
Strong showing for a Friday at Sacramento State. Had Aaron and Eleanor out again (woo!) and newcomer Meg who goes to Sac State (woo as well!). We reached 1,857 new students.  Eleanor talked for a while with a fella who is planning to try vegan. Aaron informed me that a friend of his who he talked that day is going vegetarian! My volunteers and I reached 8,916 students this week in Sacramento which is surely a record for the area. Wicked.
Brian at Stanford