Thursday, December 27, 2012

No Letup!

The arc of the moral universe is long,but it bends toward justice.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

We have documented, over and over and over, the amazing decline in the number of animals butchered for food in the United Sates.

In addition to the great analysis by Harish over at Counting Animals, our friends at the MFA blog ran the numbers from the USDA. From peak consumption in 2006-07 -- and even with population growth -- estimates for 2013 indicated 400,000 fewer cows butchered, 12,000,000 fewer pigs slaughtered, 22,000,000 fewer turkeys killed, and about 500,000,000 fewer chickens murdered.

Yes, you read that correctly: hundreds of millions of individuals spared the horrors of factory farms and industrial slaughterhouses.

There are two simple facts:

1. Our work together is literally bending the arc toward justice.

2. You determine how many new people learn the truth in 2013 -- and thus how many more animals are spared from modern agribusiness' brutality.

We know you share our dedication to saving as many animals as quickly as possible. And today, your donation will go twice as far -- reaching twice as many people, saving twice as many animals.

Together, we'll be sure there is no letup in our efforts -- and progress!

Please click here and donate however much you can -- and share these simple yet powerful facts with anyone who cares about the animals!