Friday, December 28, 2012

Record Report! Jon on John

On Dec. 3, John Oberg and crew reached 4,435 students at Arizona State.
Below, just a few reports on the people influenced by John.

In the annals of leafleting history, there now stands a feat so grand that we mere mortals are trying to wrap our brains around it. In just one semester, one single individual, John Oberg, handed a booklet to 113,839 students at 120 schools throughout North America. In Adopt a College's ten year history, this is the most students reached  by any single person in any single semester, even surpassing the previous jaw-droppingly-impressive record of 100,395, accomplished by the Mighty Vic Sjodin in the fall of 2008.

At Mesa Community College: "Had a great conversation with Anthony [left] and Torin. Torin had seen a documentary about how our industrialized food system works and was expressing how disturbed he was by it. I gave them both Guides, and they seemed keen on the idea of moving towards a veg diet, especially Torin who seemed to just need this reminder and a few answers to simple questions!

 John accomplished this new record in his first full semester as a traveling leafleter for VO. He spent the entire semester on the road, traveling throughout the Great Plains, the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, and even into Canada, starting his days before sunrise and often ending them as the sun was setting.

"Meral [at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs] a former vegan with whom I had a great conversation.
She told me that she needed to be reminded of why she should go back to being vegan
and that this definitely made an impact on her."

John accomplished this not only because he has a desire to give his absolute all to whatever he sets his mind to, but because he knows what’s at stake – the potential to spare thousands and thousands of animals from a lifetime of suffering, the opportunity to inspire students to bring about a brighter future animals.

University of Texas, El Paso: "Melanie, came up to me and said, 'it got me.'
She explained how she read it in class and it made her decide to be vegetarian now."

Cheers to John for using his tireless work ethic, smarts, and legendary enthusiasm to bring about this accomplishment!

And thank you to all the donors who made this happen. We're only able to put leafleters in the field, supplied with thousands and thousands of booklets, because of  your commitment to Vegan Outreach and the animals.

-Jon Camp, Director of Outreach

First Friday in Phoenix: "As soon as I lugged the boxes from my car and sat them down, and with a handful of potato chips in my mouth, a guy named Joaquin walked up to me and said, 'Do you have any recipes?' Clearly he knew what I was doing on that infamous corner of 5th St. & Roosevelt. I swallowed my chips and said, 'Yeah, here you go.' He said, 'A whole year and still going strong!' and then informed me that he went vegetarian from getting leafleted by us at First Friday exactly a year ago! Awesome!"

"Dave Hernandez went vegetarian from getting a booklet in [December 2010] at First Friday [in Phoenix]
and leafleted with us at the November 2011 First Friday."

"Ran into Brinley, a student I had leafleted a week ago at Arizona State. When I said, 'Help animals' last week, she said, 'Yeah, definitely' and then we engaged in a 30-second conversation. I mentioned how farm animals comprise 99% of animals killed in the US. I gave her my card and within the hour she shot me an email and said how shocked she was about the statistic and that she is immediately going to make a change and encourage others to do the same. Turns out that change was her going VEGAN!!! She's been vegan for a week (straight from eating meat), gotten one vegetarian friend of her's to switch to being vegan, and is encouraging her family to look at their food choices. She even helped me leaflet and wants to start volunteering. Amazing!"