Friday, December 21, 2012

Semester Report: Brian Grupe

This fall, volunteers and I leafleted all over Northern California, and also some of Oregon and Nevada. We got to 75 schools (mostly colleges and some high schools), and while I personally distributed over 43,000, the two dozen or so volunteers were the real backbone of the semester. Together as a team we reached a grand total of 91,669 students! Truly amazing!

Kitty Jones, Brian Grupe, and Ekaterina Moysov at UC Davis
It was a special semester for me, personally, marking 5 years with Vegan Outreach and 400,000 booklets lifetime total! Here’s a few quick snippets from my reports this semester:

From Los Medanos College in September: 
I remember doing this school in 2009 and meeting no vegetarians or vegans. We met close to 10 today, and many students mentioned the movie Food Inc, learning about in a class, being aware already, etc. Love to see measurable progress like this.

From Skyline College in October: 
New record by 100 leaflets, woo! Diane and I were able to really saturate this campus today. I met three separate students who said they would be altering their diet in some way after reading the booklet. So awesome! Also gave my card to a young lady interested in volunteering and she has already emailed me.

Note: The person interested in volunteering in this post ended up helping multiple times and gave out over 1,100 leaflets. So many great new volunteers this semester!

From Folsom Lake College later in October: 
Weather cleared up (yay!) so that made today all the better. A woman took a booklet, stopped and teared up, and gave me one of the biggest hugs I’ve ever received. “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!” It was still early and it totally startled me but in a good way. Very sweet. Another woman screamed out “God bless you!” a few minutes after this. Eventful 2 hours at FLC!

Thanks for your generous support of Vegan Outreach! We wouldn’t be able to do it without all the amazing volunteers and donors who believe in our work. Happy Holidays!

Brian Grupe 
Northern California Outreach Coordinator