Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Semester Report: Jon Stalks 900k

The fall semester of leafleting was one of my biggest semesters thus far. Thanks to the generosity of Vegan Outreach donors, I had the opportunity to personally hand out 68,094 booklets at 64 schools in 11 states.

There were a number of standout moments, such as meeting Rebecca (left), a student at Vanderbilt, who got a booklet from us two years ago, was appalled by the cruelty she witnessed in the booklet, and has been vegetarian since. Another highlight was meeting Holly (below), a young woman attending the Atlanta VegFest. She got a booklet from us at the Warped Tour in 2008, and has been vegan since. Both stressed what a big impact the VO booklets had on their lives.

I also enjoyed the challenge of interacting with those who didn’t always share my views on animals, but who nonetheless came to see some merits in the content of the booklets and in the points made during our discussions. At Oklahoma State, a bastion of animal agriculture, two young men, students at OSU and involved in animal ag, engaged in a healthy back-and-forth discussion with me, which ended in us shaking hands and agreeing that both sides raised some good points. I also remember speaking with a woman at Austin Peay State University, whose family raised beef cattle. She heard me out, agreed that some of today’s farmed animals didn’t lead good lives, and divulged a most shocking admission: She had tried tofu in the past… and liked it!

All the good for animals that happened as a result of my leafleting this semester happened because of those of you who see the importance of targeted person-to-person outreach and who give so much of yourselves to make this happen. My semester is dedicated to you. Thank you so very much!

-Jon Camp

Note: Jon has handed a VO booklet to 876,740 people so far in his career! You can help him get to 900,000 and beyond by clicking here!