Thursday, December 20, 2012

Semester Report: Vic Sjodin

What a great semester of outreach! Thank you so much for making it all possible and being a part of Vegan Outreach.

This fall, I toured through Michigan, parts of Ohio, upstate NY, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, going to 93 schools. As a part of the Vegan Outreach team, I feel really privileged to be on the pavement every day as a voice for the innocent animals trapped on factory farms. I work hard knowing that I am just one point man of a whole team of VO members who sacrifice to make this outreach possible.

The best part of the work is seeing and hearing from all the people who are affected by the booklets. There were highlights everyday, but one special day happened at Oakland University, north of Detroit. In two hours, four separate students came up to me and said they were never going to eat meat again. I spoke to each for a while, and each got the comprehensive Guide to Cruelty Free Eating (which really helps kickstart eating vegan if it is new). Another student at Oakland said they would go back to being veg, and others that they would reduce their meat consumption. Amazing! If you told me 5 years ago to go and make 10 people go veg by 3 PM, I would have been bewildered. Yet every single day, many are choosing to go veg from getting our booklets. It really is amazing!

Another great day was at William Paterson University, where Matthew Glover (above, right), a friend I had met during the summer, joined me for his first time leafletting. It was so cold we were only able to leaflet the class changes for a few hours. Still, two women said they were going to go veg, and three others asked questions and wanted to stop supporting factory farming. Two more students wanted to get involved leafletting -- both had been meat eaters before Vegan Outreach came to campus.

That was on a Monday. One of those students -- Daniela Artiga (above, left) -- helped me leaflet four days later, bringing her friend to help. Not only did we reach over 1,600 new students with lit, but Daniela is now a committed vegan and regular volunteer for animals, and her friend, Quindaya Williams (below, right), has now gone vegetarian.

I loved this day because it demonstrates the ripple effects of outreach. Every new person reached also becomes an advocate. I have heard this many times -- how one person went veg from a leaflet, then their mom, spouse, friends etc.

Our seeds are growing everyday. Thank you for not forgetting the plight of so many innocent animals, and making all these wonderful things happen each day. With your continued support, every day brings us closer to a compassionate world.

Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

For the animals,