Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tomorrow's Potential

In this week's Enewsletter, we talk about the opportunity we have this month to double our impact and make 2013 the best year yet.

Here are a two recent stories from John of what your doubled donation today will bring about tomorrow:

The kids at Northern Arizona University were so thirsty for the truth it was nuts. I handed a guy, Austin (above), a booklet early in the morning and later that day he told me he had a vegetarian breakfast because of the booklet. After reading the booklet he is now going to try to go vegetarian and he wanted tips on what to eat around Flagstaff. Gave him a Guide and told him it'll probably be easier to find veg food in Flagstaff than he thinks.

Another student told me the booklet made her cry and then accepted a Guide. One group of students told me how their friend was in the cafeteria crying as she read through the booklet. And another student told me in a near-quivering voice, "This made me so sad. So, so sad." A guy wearing cowboy boots said, "Cool, I'll be checking this out" in a very interested voice.

Busted out a free-range convo or two, met several people that wanna get involved, and even ran into an old friend from the Phoenix days. Good day, BOOM!

The outreach at New Mexico State was some of the best of the semester. Nearly every student accepted a booklet (I'd say a 95% take-rate, the highest of any public school I've ever been to) and the reception was top notch.

Early in the day, right after the second class change, I met Caleb, an ag student at NMSU who was nearly as passionate about raising hogs as I was about reducing animal suffering. We had a very productive conversation (while I leafleted) -- while we fundamentally disagreed on the use of animals in agriculture, we had a really nice exchange of ideas and found a surprising amount of common ground. He opposes factory farming and had ethical qualms about many standard practices, including beak trimming, confinement, etc. I'd say that it was the best ag student convo of the semester for me; so good that I actually had someone take a picture of us together (above). I feel so fortunate to be able to have these interactions on a grassroots level on a regular basis -- often being surprised by the reception, even from people whom many would assume would rather attack us than engage in a dialogue. Every one of these conversations we have wins over the "opposition" a little bit, even if we can't see it right then.

One of my favorite parts of the day: A male and female student walked up to me. The guy asks, "Having a tough day doing this?" I replied, "Actually it's been pretty good." He then said, "Well know that what you're doing is making an impact." He then shook my hand. I asked if he was veg and he replied, "No, but soon I will be. Thank you!"

I had so many other great interactions throughout my time there. One dude told me the booklet "changed what I ate for lunch today." A female student told me that she was vegetarian before but got sick but wants to go back. I gave her a Guide, pointed out the health tips in it, and wrote down the link to One student told me he read it and that it made him sad and feeling guilty, while another football player-looking guy gave me a sincere "thank you for that flier" after he had read it. I heard "yes, it's so sad" and "it freaks me out." I even managed to get my fourth unicycle handoff of the semester -- 4/4!

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