Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why Maximum Impact (Graphic)

As you know, Vegan Outreach doesn't focus on individual animals or high-profile cases of cruelty. We strive to have the biggest possible impact for as many animals as possible, regardless of our personal affinity for any of them, or the visibility of their suffering.

It is human to be repulsed by specific cases of cruelty, but there is an important case to be made for striving to make sure our limited time and money are allocated such that they have the maximum possible impact.

If you, too, want to have the greatest impact, please see this post at Counting Animals, regarding the relative magnitude of suffering and death in various industries.

We know there are many heart-rending demands on our sympathy, our time, and our money. But please consider the bottom-line impact your donations will have for all animals -- both seen and unseen.

Right now, a group of your fellow donors -- dedicated to having the maximum impact possible -- have pooled their money to create a Matching Opportunity for you. Your donation today will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar.

Please consider giving today for maximum impact.