Monday, February 4, 2013

Don't Mess With Texas Animals

From Vic, who, along with Rachel Shockey, reached over 2,675 students at Texas State this past Wednesday.

Awesome interactions today. Some highlights: 

Met a seminary student interested in going veg after getting a booklet; we had a long conversation as I leafletted. Also met Carrie [above], pic standing alone w Rachel in distant background, who came up to tell us that handing out booklets really does affect people -- she went veg since getting a one at science convention in Houston in 2006. Way to go Team Houston, Casey and Eugene! 

This student wants to try going vegan after reading the booklet. 

These two friends now want to go veg. 

Had many other positive interactions. Spoke to another student, she wanted to be an animals cop; I told her how I used to rescue dogs in Philly, but then someone pointed out 99% of abused animals are farm animals, etc. She left after 5-10 min saying she would eat less meat, and happily got a Guide. Score! Also met Animal Ethics professor who already had VO lit, and president of progressive student group who thanked us for being out there and took a copies to show others.

Rebecca Corby at University of Texas, Austin