Friday, February 15, 2013

Great Day in Oregon

The amazing duo of Cobie (who set a new personal record!) and Nettie report:

Great day at U of O. Got thanks and supportive comments from lots of people, and had a number of good conversations.

One guy [above] who had accepted a booklet came by later and asked me why I do this. We had a good conversation and he agreed that the animals are treated horribly, it is an important issue, and would now eat less meat.

Cobie met someone whose friend tried going vegan but only lasted a week. Cobie gave him a Guide for her and told him to tell her that it is good that she is cutting back on animal foods.

After we finish leafleting this school, we always eat at a mostly vegan place in the student union. We chatted with the servers [above], one of whom got a booklet in 2006 when she was 12 years old. The result was that she and her friend both went vegetarian. And she said the she wants to leaflet!