Sunday, February 17, 2013

Honesty Helps Animals Most

In his latest blog post, Jack notes:

"Someone sent me a news clip a couple days ago of a leader of an animal organization saying that B12 supplements aren’t necessary – the info is not getting through to some people!"

Of course, we understand the desire to believe our vegan diet is perfect, natural, etc. But refusing to be honest about veganism (with ourselves and with others) actively hurts animals, as shown in this article; excerpt:

...Jack’s experience is backed up in this Psychology Today article, which indicates 75% of people who go vegetarian in the U.S. eventually go back to eating animals. 75%! In other words, if everyone who went vegetarian had stayed vegetarian, there would be four times more vegetarians in the US today! (A similar survey in the UK also showed more former vegetarians than current vegetarians there as well.)

And what is the leading cause of people going back to eating animals? You guessed it – the leading reason most vegetarians go back to eating animals is because they didn’t feel healthy....

[T]he facts are clear. The biggest impacts that health concerns have on diet are: 1. Eating many, many more smaller animals, and 2. Causing people to stop being vegetarian and go back to eating animals....

[T]he way to have the biggest impact for the animals is simple:

1. Focus on the animals as the irrefutable bottom line: Buying meat, eggs, and dairy causes unnecessary suffering; we can each choose not to cause this suffering.

2. Provide people with honest, thorough, evidence-based information so they can change their diet and maintain that change.

The latter is why Jack and Ginny’s book – and their work in general – is of vital importance.

It is an absolute moral imperative that we learn and present the reality of vegan nutrition, so we can stop throwing away 75% of our efforts. The animals deserve no less.

Full article; Jack's blog.

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