Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jon on Changing Society

Reached 2,000 students at University Of Louisiana, Lafayette. The day started off with an antagonistic ag student. She told me the booklet was all lies. I asked her what in particular was a lie. She said the practices detailed in the booklet no longer exist. I told her that battery cages still are the norm, as are large broiler sheds, and, even though they're going to eventually be phased out, so are gestation crates. She said, "Do you know why they use gestation crates?" I knew where this was going, so I asked her why. She said that it was so that the mother pigs didn't crush their babies. I told her that she was confusing gestation crates with farrowing crates. She then said that her boyfriend raised cattle, and they liked eating beef.

On the flip side, a young woman came up to say that she does outreach for gay rights issues, and said that it can sometimes be discouraging, and asked if I ever felt the same way. I told her that I didn't get discouraged because I saw this as a numbers game, and that part of the scenario is that we're going to have to deal with some antagonism to reach those willing to hear us out. But there are always those willing to hear us out, and reaching those people is an exciting thing. And for any movement that seeks change, there will always be resistance, but it's a lot more rewarding to be a part of this change, to know we're playing our role in something great, than to give up. I stressed the work she was doing was important, and she said the same to me. The conversation seemed to leave both of us happy and inspired.

Go, team!