Friday, February 8, 2013

Like a Phoenix!

Molly Lansdowne

Having Meggie and Molly, my heroes, at Phoenix College was an absolute blessing and we reached so almost 2,000 students in such a short amount of time.

I met Emit (above), a student that got one last semester and was surprised how horribly they treat the animals. He said he'd definitely be looking into transitioning towards vegan. Another student asked if we have meetings then told me that this stuff is "really messed up." Another told me the stories in the booklet are intense. Max told me that he really likes the "reduce approach" because in the past he's gotten info like this and he felt like they were asking too much. He likes the "harm reduction" approach (he actually used that term, not me!). By the way, he was a big muscular dude, so that was pretty sweet.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College was awesome, per usual. Had an extensive conversation with Jamie, who wants to get her sustainability club on campus more involved with fighting factory farming. Zubair and I only hit it for two class changes but we had a great time. Was so great to hang out with three of my favorite activists today!