Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oberg Week Begins! Mesa, My Mesa

Meggie and I reached nearly 2,000 students at Mesa Community College. Heard tons of great feedback, including: "This is gruesome stuff," "Oh, I'm already vegan!" and "Yeah, I love animals." Had a good convo with Mike, who asked when I was first exposed to this issue. I told him about four years ago. I asked if this was his first exposure to it, to which he said, "Yes, this is pretty crazy man." I handed him a Guide and my card and he was keenly interested in moving away from this kind of cruelty! Also had a good convo with a student named Paulina that had been thinking about cutting back on meat. Unfortunately she was thinking about cutting back on beef, so I informed her about the numbers of chickens raised and slaughtered vs. cattle. Hopefully that little bit of enlightenment will go a ways!

Best part of the day, and actually of the week, was when I reached out to hand Cortni (above) a booklet when she told me, "Oh, you guys already got me! I'm vegan now." When I inquired, she told me that on September 21, 2011 (she remembered the exact date!) she was handed a booklet by a leafleter (Dawn Ratcliffe!) and instantly went vegan from her then-current meat-eating state! She seemed super excited by us being out there on her campus again. Epic!