Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pics and Morrissey!

John Oberg:
Highlight of the day was when Dillon [above], who had been leafleted earlier in the day, got off his bike asked, "Is it okay to eat fish?! They don't suffer like this do they?" I told him that cutting out fish is a good eventual goal, but for now moving away from land animals would be a great step. He then said, and I quote, "Well I'm gonna have to say f*** Qdoba today!" I then told him he could still eat Qdboa, just choose the vegetarian burrito instead. He mentioned knowing a few vegans and that they often eat at Taco Bell and joints like that, so it's good he already sees that vegetarians aren't extremely limited in places we can eat. I Guided him and we shook hands before he parted. Good stuff!

Rachel Shockey at Texas A and M

Pulin Modi and Dave Doctor leafleting at the Forward On Climate Rally in DC
Morrissey Concert To Be First Ever All-Vegetarian Show At The Staples Center