Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Happens In Vegas ... Goes On and On!

Oberg week continues with several days in Nevada....

You can watch Jon give this talk here.
College of Southern Nevada -- Charleston Campus was a fun campus only blocks away from Ronald's Donuts! Some memorable statements:

"It was shocking." (followed by a genuine and sincere thank you once I handed her a Guide to Cruelty-free Eating)
"It was a good read."
"I got one and I agree with you!"
"Damn, that was some good information."
"Right on, brother."
"I got one. It was really... really sad."
"Keep spreading the word!"

Finally, met Scotty and Stephanie (above), a couple that received booklets earlier in the day and are now committing to going vegetarian after reading through them!

The Cheyenne and Henderson campuses of the College of Southern Nevada were amazing leafleting! Great conversations and people wanting to get involved.

At Cheyenne, I heard enouraging things like, "Keep it up, right on!" and "I'll take another because I wanna tell everybody!" A bunch of folks talked about rescuing animals, so I mentioned being able to rescue animals at every meal. Had an extensive convo with Ashley who, because of her love for animals, committed to trying more veg food, especially veggie chicken nuggets, which she had no clue existed before that point.

Had a great conversation with Amanda (above). She told me that the booklet made her really sad and is now on her way towards going vegetarian, despite the fact that she hates vegetables. One vegan exclaimed, "HELLLL YEAH!" and gave me a huge, jumping high-five. Another responded "Fashoooo!" when I made the statement about helping animals. I gave another student a Guide after she told me the Even If booklet was sad. Danielle, who plans on becoming a veterinarian, told me that the booklet almost brought tears to her eyes in biology class. Spoke with Lane, a progressive-looking long-haired dude that recently watched Vegucated, and now his whole family is veg!

Also at Cheyenne, a student told me that her Philosophy professor is vegan and was requesting vegan treats, so I recommended the chocolate peanut butter pie listed in the Guide.

Another student said "I read it, sir. It's crazy" I responded with "It IS crazy, but there's something you can do about it."

Today at UNLV, I was fortunate to be joined by some mega beasts on the outreach front! Elaine, Angelica, Julian, Christina, Chelsea (below, answering questions), and Annoula joined me and we reached over 1,200 students -- the most students reached at UNLV in over six years, even though it was Friday!

Elaine runs Vegas Veg and is doing so many amazing things for animals in the valley. She set up this event and recruited an all-star crew.

Angelica (above) just started getting involved in outreach and is an absolute natural. After being out there for many hours, she was disappointed we were wrapping the day up when we did -- she wanted to keep going!

Julian (above) is a new vegetarian that's been getting involved with Vegas Veg and dedicated a ton of time for the animals!

Christina (above) is great -- she went vegan as a result of getting an Even If You Like Meat booklet and is now a regular activist! How awesome is she :) Annoula (below) is also a great and critical player in the Vegas animal movement -- this crew is awesome!

Heard things like, "It's really good that you're out here" and other supportive things. One group of three students mentioned they're weening themselves off chicken! Elaine got a good pic of a couple students (above) -- one just went veg three weeks ago and was really happy to get the Guide; her friend was also interested.

All around great day and from the looks of it, Elaine (above) will be getting even more help from her local crew. She's a force to be reckoned with and VO is very fortunate to have such a great voice for the animals in Vegas! Only a matter of time before their veganization bumps demand for Ronald's Donuts up enough for them to go nationwide!