Friday, March 1, 2013

Beautiful Charlotte

Curt sends in this great report!

Awesome day of leafleting for our new group. Marley, Loren, Philip, and I reached over 1,700 students at University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Loren crushed his personal all time record with FIVE leafleted skateboarders -- at full speed! We had many more students come talk to us with interest in volunteering and learning more about helping the animals and working towards being vegan.

John wants to learn more about better food choices and going vegan; he said he would look up our meetup group and help leaflet future events. Amanda, veg for four years, was all smiles talking about her love of animals and her desire to join our efforts and become vegan.

A professor came back with booklet in hand and told me that he wished everyone had to kill the animals that they ate. He said that would change our food chain quickly. I suggested he lead by example and share with others how it worked for him. :)

Hakeem (pictured above, with Marley leafleting in the background) said he wanted to learn more about vegan food; he gave me his info and said he wants to learn and volunteer.