Sunday, March 24, 2013

Feedback and Illinois Pics

Thanks to everyone who sent feedback to last week's Enewsletter, A Meaningful Life. Want to just share one, which accompanied a donation and order for booklets:

"I'm glad I stayed up to read this newsletter -- thank you, I learned something this evening.

"I have been an active voice on Facebook and in conversations with people I know. I often get very upset and want to lash out. Although it felt good to get things off my chest, I felt like I was the enemy. And I'm not. I have always sought to be peaceful and loving, even before I was a vegetarian (and now vegan). Who would want to listen to me if I could not listen to them?

"So I have been toning it down, trying not to slam anyone. Thank you for opening my eyes and mind."

Leslie Patterson (here at the University of Chicago) sends these pictures.

Mark Turner, opening eyes at Northwestern.

Joe Espinosa makes the animals' case at DePaul.