Sunday, March 3, 2013

How Vegan Mythology Hurts Animals

Jack and Ginny have important, insightful posts on recent news:

Jack: To Quit or Not to Quit Veganism
Sayward Rebhal has an excellent post about her struggles to stay healthy as a vegan. When I got done reading it, I thought “This is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying!”...

[I]t is not the leftover remnants of the spirit of the animal that is making [Jamieson] feel better. Her body might require some molecules, or mixtures of molecules, that she was only able to find in animal flesh. But if that same mixture of molecules could be reproduced outside of an animal, it would satisfy her body’s needs.

Ginny: Do Some People Need to Eat Meat?
But yes, some vegans struggle more than others to stay healthy. Nutrient needs vary among individuals so some people may need to work a little bit harder to obtain everything they need. And some vegans are not getting enough of what they need because they are eating diets that are too restrictive and/or they are not taking appropriate supplements.

Some of this isn't fun to read, but if we want to be the best possible advocates for the animals, we need to be both honest and informed.