Thursday, March 21, 2013

"I had no clue it was so bad for the chickens" (and bonus map)

John Oberg reports:

Wow! Epic day setting a new record (2,790+ students reached) at the University of Iowa with my wonder of a volunteer, Patti (top). Animals are lucky to have her in Iowa.

We each met tons of vegetarians, vegans; I met a dude named Carl who wants to get involved. One vegan I spoke with knew the exact date she went veg -- January 7th. Another student informed Patti that she didn't need a booklet because she went vegetarian two days ago because of slaughterhouses!

I handed a booklet to one guy, Malcolm (above), who walked a few yards then came back my way and said "Man, I don't need this because I'm VEGAN." Turns out he's been vegan for a month because of the cruelty done to animals! I think it's definitely encouraging for new veg people to see us out there, promoting a message that they've just recently began to embrace themselves.

I leafleted one guy who walked up to a friend and they began talking. The other guy says, "Man, I got one of those earlier. I could give up red meat, but...", so I chimed in and Guided them each. I mentioned how giving up red meat is actually something that can cause a lot more harm to animals. "Yeah, wow, before you gave me that I had no clue it was so bad for the chickens; I only thought it was bad for the pigs and cows." Victory!

Also, check out this map of Google searches for "vegan" over time; more explanation from Compassion Over Killing.
Oh, Wyoming.....