Saturday, March 30, 2013

John Oberg In the Snowy North

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will stop John from making the animals' case! More examples of your donations at work!

"Had a great conversation with Grayson, who is cutting meat out of his diet: 'I f**kin' hate factory farming.' I like his bluntness. He told me that if everyone had to see where their meat came from before they ate it, everybody would be vegetarian."

Fred Tyler and John at the University of Wisconsin, Stout.

Fred and Sen Holiday

So engrossed at UW Stout, this student forgets about the snow.
Sen, Fred, and I met a ton of vegetarians and vegans at UW, Stout, which was pretty sweet. One six-year vegan was extremely excited to see our presence and said that we just made her day. On our way out we found Meatless Monday posters in one of the buildings!

John Corrigan at UW Eau Claire. 

Sen provides a bit of sunshine. 

I think we reached every reachable person at UW Eau Claire -- 2,319 received an Even If, and 27 asked for a Guide. I met John at my CAA talk, and he picked me up at 5:45 am; his determination is impressive! And Sen was constantly smiling, as always!

Grace Van Susteren (above) and Dani Reese (below) at the University of St. Thomas. 

Mike Chutich, Fred, and John at U. St. Thomas.

Fred: Have a heart for animals! At UW River Falls.

Between class changes at UW River Falls, Fred and I had an ongoing snowball fight. We each also got a big hug from a student named Brittany that said she's so happy when we're out here doing this. She's vegetarian for the animals and working towards vegan and happily accepted a Guide.

Amber Smith at Marquette U.

Josh Kissel (above) and Ben Collins (below) at UW, Madison.