Sunday, March 17, 2013

Massive MN Day Deserves Massive Blog Post

John Oberg (above) reports:

University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN)

Total -- 5,047 misc. VO + 43 G

Sen Holiday
Mike Chutich -- 650 total (600 CC, 50 EI)
Sen Holiday -- 515 EI + 8 G
Fred Tyler -- 487 total (235 EI, 150 CC, 102 wv) + 9 G
Jeff Johnson -- 451 CC
Dustin Seiltz -- 292 CC
Jacque Witcher -- 233 CC
Jennifer Swick -- 224 CC
Kealy Porter -- 176 CC
Unny Nambudiripad -- 150 CC + 1 G
Markus Nielsen -- 66 CC
John Oberg -- 1,803 total (950 EI, 853 CC) + 25 G

Unny Nambudiripad

Wow. Unny, Fred, Sen, Mike, Jeff, Dustin, Jacque, Jennifer, Kealy, Markus, and I reached over 5,000 individuals on this cold, windy day in Minneapolis!

Kealy Porter

It was great to have so many get involved! Huge thanks to Unny for setting this day up and coordinating all the volunteers! I was invited to speak to the group yesterday, which I did and had a great time with. Spoke to about 14-15 people and the majority of them all showed up to leaflet today!

Fred Tyler

It was a day of epic proportions and we couldn't be happier with the result. Not only did we reach such a large number, but we heard lots and lots of great feedback! Much support for us being out there in this weather, lots of people moved by the literature, and we met tons of vegetarians and vegans.

Jacque Witcher

Compassionate Action for Animals is having college leafleting week soon so it was great to show some of the new volunteers the ropes and give the veterans an opportunity to get back in their A game!

Jennifer Swick

Kudos to all the volunteers for coming out today and absolutely obliterating this school -- many, many, MANY animals saved, my friends!!!
Jeff Johnson

Dustin Seiltz
Mike Chutich

Markus Nielsen