Saturday, March 23, 2013

SXSW Report from Ethan

Ethan Dussault, author of the report below.

Three vegans

Wow! What a blistering week in Austin, TX. SxSW keeps attracting more and more people every year for its Music Festival/Conference. This week, Jack, Joey, Christie, Erick, Ernest, Micah, Amber, Brian, Lauren, Jeni, Rachel and myself managed to get a booklet to 14,850 attendees over four days under a bright sun.

One gentleman, appearing to be a professor at UT Austin, tried to bait me with questions regarding abortion and euthanasia, to which I replied, "While I have opinions on those subjects, my focus here is to raise awareness about the unnecessary suffering of animals on factory farms. It is inappropriate to talk about abortion and euthanasia at this time." He smiled, acknowledging that he was caught trying to change the subject. I wasn't about to get into a debate about his speciesist correlations. After all, I was leafleting.

Overall, this was an overwhelmingly receptive crowd. Got lots of, "I want you to know I read the booklet and I am appalled." "I'm with you." "Thanks for being out here." Comments like this were bountiful in the sea of spring breakers, artist types, and beyond.