Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bonus Feedback

This week's Enewsletter has great stories. Here are some extras!

Gail at MIT has been vegetarian since getting a VO booklet years ago; now working toward being vegan.

A splendid day at MIT! Seth, Andrea, Sam, Adam (above) and I reached nearly 2,000 Beavers! Awesome conversations. The best thing happened today: a fellow vegan who works at MIT came out of work for his lunch break, saw me leafleting, and decided he'd treat me to lunch (indian food + mango juice). How lucky am I? Probably the luckiest girl in the world.
-Rachel Atcheson, 2/13/13

This MIT Staff member received a leaflet in the morning, then came back to talk  about transitioning to veganism. After talking to her for ten minutes, she had renewed enthusiasm that she could make the transition.

It was a beautiful and sunny day of outreach at my Alma Mater, Northeastern Illinois University. Everyone was in a good mood, and the take rate was great. I ran into a few vegetarians who were excited to share that info with me. I had a couple people stop to ask questions, and claimed that they will reduce their meat consumption. There were a bunch of HS students touring the campus, and I would say about 50 leaflets went to them! One student stated that he had already gotten a booklet that day, and that it stopped him from eating any meat for lunch! Another student passed me, then turned around and said, "Are you vegan? Where can I buy almond milk?" It was a fun and inspiring day!
-Rachel Shippee, 2/13/13

Rachel S at Leeward Community College in Pearl City, HI on 1/29

At Catholic University, a woman walking arm-and-arm with a man took the booklet and said, "Oh my god, we were just talking about this."  one woman stopped, poked around her purse, and gave me a five-dollar bill without saying a word – my first VO donation! A A man walking by for the second time said, "You gave me one earlier. I'm on board. I'm not a fan of factory farming."
-Dave Doctor, 2/18/13

The Chocolate Fest on 2/9 should have been called a stampede for chocolate -- people mobbed our table, where they swooned over Purely Decadent Peanut Butter Zig Zag and Pomegranate Chip nice cream! People were sending their friends to our table to try it. One woman even said the P.B. Zig Zag was by far the best of all the items at the choc. fest. We tore down a lot of "vegan food doesn't taste as good" walls--and also got a lot of VO booklerts into shoppers' hands.
Today's take rate at Cal Poly, SLO was unusually high. I reached 600 students in only 90 minutes! Love was in the air.
-Barbara Bear, 2/14/13