Friday, April 26, 2013

Catching Up ....

"A recently released report from Food and Drug Administration found that of all the raw ground turkey tested, 81% was contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria ... and 39% of chicken." Note -- not just contaminated by bacteria, but by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Story.

And if anyone claims things are getting better for how people eat in the US, show them this map of obesity rates (also see bottom of this post*).

Accompanying an order for VO booklets:

"Thank you! I got your booklet at Cal State Long Beach 3 years ago. That was the last day I ate land animals. A few months later I stopped eating seafood and few more months after that I stopped eating eggs. AND I have now been Vegan for 4 months! I have decided to take more action now and spread the word."

Our friend Josh sent this story:

"I just met Lisa yesterday at a conference in Massachusetts. Several years ago someone gave her a VO booklet. Not only did she go vegan, she was so inspired she opened an all-vegan bed and breakfast called Red Robin Son Guest House in New York. Thought you’d like to hear that!"

Finally, this is pretty great:

"Being vegan isn't about being perfect. It's about trying your best to do the right thing, or doing less harmful things. Don't be a jerk. Try to suck less."

*We had a request for a slower version of this map, so you could watch more closely: