Friday, April 5, 2013

Even More News!

Jack is still blogging up a storm, with more on calcium, absorption, and somewhat fairer media coverage of bad vegans.

In case anyone still questions why Jack's work matters, in the latest Running Times is an article about the ups and downs of running wunderkind German Hernandez:
     "'Then one of his teammates showed him a YouTube video about how meat was processed. 'It messed with my head,' says Fernandez. 'I started eating less and less meat and I think that hurt my running.' For six months he felt tired and grumpy and htought he was out of shape. Finally, a blood test revealed his ferritin count had bottomed out at 11 (healthy levels are between 18 and 270)."
    And "Stops eating meat and becomes anemic" is featured prominently in the graphic "Fernandez's Roller Coaster."

Why does it matter we are as efficient and effective as possible in creating new vegetarians (instead of just praising our own veganism)? Because the industry is simply ruthless to the animals. Example 7,893: Starving animals increases profits.

Want to know more about iron? Two posts just in!

Iron Deficiency in a Vegan: Cured

Iron Nutrition: Why the Rules are Different for Vegans

In other news: let me tell you – we're making progress faster than I ever imagined 10, 20 years ago. Here's the latest proof!

And finally, our great friend Jasmin Singer has a touching article, Commitment Issues: On Veganism, Priorities, and Marrying Ideas, which concludes:

"[T]here might be times when we have to take inventory of ourselves, making sure we’re getting the right nutrients and proper fulfillment from life. We might even need to remind one another of such necessities in self-care. But we don’t need to break our commitment, the most important commitment we have ever made in our lives. (Because, as Sayward Rebhal recently wrote about so eloquently and as Jack Norris discussed on our podcast last week, even the infinitesimal percentage of vegans who do not thrive at first can indeed find vegan solutions if they try.)

"Veganism is about something much bigger than ourselves. It’s about equality, it’s about justice. It’s about boycotting the meat industrial complex and everything it entails – the misery, the despair, the commodification of life, the exploitation of innocence. It’s about the future of our planet – if our planet is to have a future. It’s about living a life that we know in our hearts is right – even though everyone around us, and in the media – refuses to accept that (so far). It’s about lovingly looking into the eyes of our dog and knowing that we are not hypocrites when we sit down for lunch. It’s about being a positive, patient, compassionate, and kind role model for others who view our lifestyle as “radical,” but somewhere inside of them are intrigued. It’s about honesty, and not letting ourselves succumb to denial. Our veganism is about the animals – both human and non – who are incomprehensibly oppressed by a society that is utterly blind to their suffering and its own privilege. It’s about them, not us. It’s about commitment. And it’s about time we got that."