Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fest Season! First Up: Michigan

Yes, it is VegFest season, and John Oberg is first to report from Michigan:

Holy tofurky was this place busy! Literally thousands and thousands of people cycling through pretty much the largest expo center in Michigan. Absolutely amazing. The organizers of VegMichigan did an INCREDIBLE job getting sponsors (Meijer?! Yeah!) and people to come to this event.

Sue (above) informed that she actually went vegetarian because she read a Compassionate Choices... on a Kindle! I didn't know even know that was possible!

Met several people that came to the SASHA banquet the previous night that told me I did a great job :) One woman told me how her meat-eating friend came along with her and apparently was talking about me and my speech all the way home. Hopefully she's considering eating more veg!

Met Claire that went to a music festival in San Francisco years ago, and was handed a Compassionate Choices. She and her friend each went vegan!

Also spoke with Aletha and Matt (above; in the past, they sent in a testimony to Jon Camp but haven't had their photo taken, which I did). Aletha was handed a VO booklet at Hamilton College in 2005 and went vegan! 

This was an incredible event and I'm so glad I tabled it. Made tons of volunteer contacts, got lots of people signed up for the e-newsletter, and had tons of good conversations. Plus gave away a lot of lit that'll hopefully inspire people!

PS: If you saw yesterday's map in your email client and it wasn't animated, you can see it online (both fast and slow version).