Thursday, April 11, 2013

Following Oberg, Western Michigan U

John, at Western Michigan U: "Janet (above), a student that's involved with WMU's 'Peace Center' had some good questions for me. I explained how one of the most peaceful things we can do is by not continuing the cycle of violence that occurs when we choose to eat animals. She was very happy to talk and gladly accepted a Guide and is now considering cutting meat out of her diet!

"Had a lovely convo with Kristen (below). She was under the impression that going vegetarian is a good first step but can't we do the most good by choosing more humanely raised meat? A simple economics lesson with a few other points thrown in quickly made her realize how much more practical, cheap, and cruelty-free veg eating is. She was very thankful that I took three minutes to talk to her."

Deanna McDonald at Western Michigan U.

Kate Cowdery at WMU.