Tuesday, April 9, 2013

John and Fany, an Appreciation!

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As many of you know, Vegan Outreach's work is entirely dependent on the generosity of thoughtful donors – individuals dedicated first and foremost to having the biggest possible impact for the animals, without concern for either personal affinity for the target individuals / species, or the personal attention and glory they receive for their support.

VO has some of the most dedicated and loyal donors around, especially those who set up challenges to double other donors' dollars. Two of the most important over the years have been John and Fany, the major contributors for every Team Vegan to date!

We are incredibly grateful to John and Fany for being the driving force in the creation of Team Vegan, and all the successes of subsequent Team Vegans. VO's leafleters have reached countless new individuals with the animals' message because of John and Fany's selfless support of Team Vegan. It is amazing and humbling to even consider how many lives they have changed ... and saved!

John and Fany, you will always have our deepest gratitude. You have made a concrete but incalculable difference!