Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Lies won't set us free" - New Review (and Great Talk)

Jack has a post regarding the latest news from the EPIC study in Europe. He leads with: "I have tried to steer clear of writing about papers comparing high meat intakes to low meat intakes and the association with various diseases because there is no end to the flow of these studies and I don’t find them particularly relevant to vegan nutrition."

This is an important point I didn't always understand. Just because a study says something related to some aspect of diet doesn't mean it says anything about actual vegan nutrition or the benefits of any vegan diet.

Another lesson learned: I used to think vegans should ignore (or mock) studies that don't support every pro-vegan myth. But it finally occurred to me: How is a vegan avoiding the truth about, say, the health impacts of consuming chickens any different than a chicken consumer avoiding the truth about the factory farms?

Lies (or willful ignorance) won't set us – or the chickens – free.

In other news, here is John Oberg in Minneapolis; thanks to Unny for organizing this (and the leafletings)!