Friday, April 19, 2013

Oberg in His Home State

At the University of Michigan, Dearborn, I met Nebil (above). He came back later in the day, held up the booklet, and said, "Some of the stuff in here is crazy, man. I had no idea." He shook my hand three times before we parted ways.

Ran into the two most cynical (borderline cruel) students I've ever dealt with. I found a good balance with answering them and leafleting. During their antagonization, I actually had one woman who I had Guided earlier (she had stopped eating meat recently) tell me that she loved what was in the Guide -- she had no idea there were so many substitutes out there. Then, another student told me he was vegetarian and that he loved what I was doing. Later, one of the two antagonizers later came up to me, apologized, and took ten booklets to distribute to his classmates!

Stephanie Lipari (above) and Eric Ford (below) @ Wayne State.

Phil Letten at Eastern Michigan U.

John Oberg at Wayne State.

Engrossed in the truth at Eastern Michigan (above)  and Wayne State (below).

Readers (above and below) at Oakland University.