Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oberg in the Midwest and Arizona

At Iowa State, Kelly (above) walked up to me and say that she's now going vegetarian because of the booklet reminded her about how they treat the animals. She asked "What can I do? Is it really as simple as cutting out meat?" She told me that she tried before and failed because she couldn't find enough variety, so I Guided her. Right at that moment, Emilie walked up and said "Hey, my friend said you were over here! I've been vegan for a while and I'm happy you're out here!" I told Emilie about Kelly wanting to go veg; Emilie sold the ease of being veg better than I ever could've. I also put them in touch with Sam (a vegan who didn't know another vegan on campus) -- which is crucial in this aggiest of ag schools in the middle of Iowa!

Stacy at Oklahoma City U: "Ooooh, this is PERFECT!"

And I (Matt) missed these pictures from back in January; DOH!

At Arizona State, Matt has been vegetarian since being leafleted last year;
now wants to get active!

Brinley Suppes at Arizona State, Downtown. See the bottom of this post.

At Glendale Community College, Bailey and Eliza, inspired by the
Even If, and thrilled to get the Guide!

JJ at Arizona State hasn't eaten meat since getting a booklet last year.

The great Meggie Townsend!

Zubair Hussaini rocks his Team Vegan shirt!

Kirsten Schulte (above) and Netty Kinnz (below) at Glendale Community College.