Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Story from John

As I was putting together Wednesday's Enewsletter, I came across the story below. Monday's events in Boston make it even more poignant. As hard as it is sometimes, we must remember we are making a huge difference for all our unseen fellows who suffer violence every day.

"[At UNM] Tamara had a conversation with a man from Uganda. Before he departed for UNM, he made clear to the village that his cow was his friend (she would sleep next to his window every night) and was off-limits. A couple weeks ago, he got an email telling him that the cow had been sent to slaughter. Tamara and this man both began crying and embraced in a hug; just writing this nearly brings tears to my eyes. 

"Although it's too late for this cow, I take comfort in knowing we're out there every day giving the animals a voice. We're showing people that animals are more than commodities – they're living beings -- even our friends. On this day I was with a team willing to spend hours in the cold to show students that animals deserve better. I feel so fortunate to be a part of it." 
—John Oberg, 1/29/13