Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Rachel and Vic Show, April 13, 2013

After reading the booklet, this woman now wants to stop eating animals;
and is encouraging her best friend to eat less meat. At Miami U of Ohio.

Maria stopped eating animals after getting a VO booklet last year.

Brian -- inspired to go vegetarian after getting a booklet in the past.

Bernadette wants to go vegan, and took booklets to show friends;
at Transylvania U.

Now going back to being veg!

Librarian at Eastern Kentucky U. Was handed a CC on her way to Chik-fil-A;
instead read booklet and decided to go veg.

Mustaja (with Rachel leafleting in the background); inspired to change his diet
after receiving the booklet and a conversation with Vic.

Eastern Kentucky U (above and below)